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Daturas for the Virgin
Entheos: Vol. 1 Issue 2, Winter 2001.
By José Alfredo González Celdrán & Carl A.P. Ruck,
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[11] Fra Angelico, Triptych of Perugia, National Gallery of Umbria. Perugia: the two small panels of the Annunciation show Gabriel with lily or palm leaves in his hands, with Saint Dominic holding a stem of lilies with several flowers, while Mary appears in the middle surrounded by her botanical emblem, white and red roses.
[12] Filippino Lippi, Madonna with Saint Anthony and a Franciscan, National Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: Saint Anthony standing, with the Franciscan friar on his knees in an attitude of prayer before the Virgin; Anthony holds a stem of lilies that rests on the Franciscan's right shoulder, suggesting that it is the flower that has engendered their shared vision of the Virgin's divine persona.
[13] Stone relief for the north door Church of Saint Lazare en Saône-et-Loire, Rolin Museum, Autun: Eve, making her way through a thicket of "bushes." The bush on the right is the Tree of Knowledge, from which she is accepting the fruit offered her by the serpent coiled about it.
[14] Carlo Crivelli, Virgin and Child Enthroned, with detail, c. 1476, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest: the Christ Child receiving an apple from Mary, whose throne is carved with daturas.
[17] Manuscript cover, 13th-century, Museum of Cluny: Christ as Pantocrator, with hemispherical celestial (mushroom cap) canopy above him, from which descends a crane upside-down, substituted for the dove of the Holy Spirit, its beak just touching the head of Jesus.
[18] Bible of San Pedro de Roda, Bibiothèque Nationale, Paris: "Bush" in Paradise, with Adam asleep on a bed with mushroom bedposts, as the Lord creates Eve from the rib He holds in His hand.
[19] Manuscript illumination, 8th-century, commentary of Beato on Revelation: Jesus as Son of Man, with two-edged sword coming from his Mouth.
[20] Musicians, Miniature nº 360 from the Cantigas de Santa.
[16] Royal Sepulchre, Basilica of San Isidoro, León, Glorification of Christ, Calendar: acorn-"apples" being fed to pigs.
[15] Royal Sepulchre, Basilica of San Isidoro, León, Shepherds' Annunciation, Calendar: acorn-"apples" being fed to pigs.