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Research Sources and Organizations

WWW Psychedelic Bibliography

An interactive, multidisciplinary research tool documenting the vast body of psychedelic research. Collaboration of the Multidisciplinary Assocation for Psychedelic Studies, the Heffter Research Institute and the Albert Hofmann Foundation.

The Vaults of Erowid is an online library of information about psychoactive plants and chemicals and related topics.The library contains over 14,000 documents related to psychoactives including images, research summaries & abstracts, media articles, experience reports, information on chemistry, dosage, effects, law, health, traditional & spiritual use, and drug testing.

The Lycaeum
The Lycaeum is a non-profit drug information archive, working to promote awareness about the effects, chemistry, and history of entheogens. They offer several free services, including an extensive database of psychoactive substances, community-based discussion forums, and internet hosting for entheogen-related groups wishing to establish a stronger online presence.

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

A membership-based non-profit research and educational organization. We assist scientists to design, fund, obtain approval for and report on studies into the healing and spiritual potentials of MDMA, psychedelic drugs and marijuana.

Heffter Research Institute
The mission of HRI is to conduct research of the highest scientific quality with psychedelic substances in order to contribute to a greater understanding of the mind, leading to the improvement of the human condition, and the alleviation of suffering.

Other Organizations

The Ones That Stain Blue
Visionary mushrooms: studies in ethnopharmacology.

The Peyote Foundation
Dedicated to the protection and promotion of the peyote cactus and its sacramental use. By creating a working example, The Peyote Foundation will maintain the peyote road for future generations.
Ethnobotanical internet services. Everything from hosting to total design and development of websites.

Private Sites
Toward a deeper understanding of Self via sacred plants.

Mushroom John's Shroom World

John Allen's Personal Ethnomycological home page on Entheogenic Mushrooms includes many of his published papers, Books, Biographys and bibliography, Mushroom Inspired Art, News Clippings, A Field Identification Guide with over 1500 images of psilocybian mushrooms, Shroom Stalking In Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia):Exotic Forays , A Shroom adventure Pictorial.
Also visit Mushroom John's Psychedelic Inspired Art.
The site of Rick J. Strassman MD, author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule. A Doctor's Revolutionary Research into Near-Death and Mystical Experiences. This book describes the first new human research with psychedelics in the US in over 20 years, which involved DMT, a naturally occurring psychedelic found in all of our bodies, and in the legendary psychedelic compound, ayahuasca.

Reciprocal Links
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Prescience: The Journal of Radical Research and Cyberspatial Musing.
"Huge array of innervating articles on entheogens and other Gaianesque subjects. Banned in many areas because of its sheer uncompromising spiritual efficacy. Lots of contributors. Edited by Simon G. Powell, author of The Psilocybin Solution (which can be located within Volume 4) and the soon-to-be published book Natural Intelligence. The site also features exclusive ambient music, artwork and even humour."
Our aim is to provoke an unmuffled, ungagged, and unsilenced generation of world citizens into speaking up and taking the actions necessary to wrest control from the privileged few and to reclaim this planet in the name of all the humans, animals, plants, and other forms of life who share its bounty.

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